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The G.A.B.
Business Community Economics Plans

What we do

Grow your workplace this season by implementing our administrative, marketing, and management tools for your organizational development.

Marketing Plan

Our Marketing plan is a business owner’s favorite! Busy entrepreneurs who are looking for funding to help market and grow their brand. A combination of our consultants and grant writing team grant seek and write grants to connect your business to your customers. Companies on average receive 4 to 12 grants annually. Grants can range from $500 to over $270,000.00 each. This plan is truly a Return on your investment.

Business Credit

Our Business Credit plans are pure Business Credit, Purely separate from your personal credit! A business owner receives instant credit lines of over $10,000.00 in their first 30 days to well-known suppliers and distributors. We offer credit capabilities in 7 key areas, including over $20 million dollars in real estate credit.
This plan offers business growth through
administrative support and consultation to help set up management systems and inventory.

Personal Payroll Plan

Business owners love this plan! We are administrative support that helps systemize documentation, employee new hire and screening, payroll and company handbook. This plan allows staff training, legal administration, and product/ service performance to develop customer service improvements.

How Can Our Management Systems Help You

Learn more about the benefits our management system and plan offers.

  • Restaurants
  • Construction
  • Barbershops
  • Beauty Salons
  • Independent Contractors
  • And more

Our Team

We are a team of managers, consultants, back-office administration specialist, grant writers, sales representatives, graphic designers, web techs, payroll managers, community organizers, and educators
organized to support small businesses.

Most of our business owners are preoccupied, multitalented and overly focused on preparing a quality product or service for their consumers and customers.

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